June 1, 2001

 Avalanche Technology, LLC.  Announces Its Membership in the Microsoft
Certified Partner Program


Tallahassee, FL, USA — June 1, 2001 — Avalanche Technology, LLC., a provider of HealthCare Compliance and Information Technology Solutions, today announced it is a new member in the Microsoft Certified Partner Program. Avalanche Technology, LLC., which provides services such as HealthCare compliance and information technology solutions and is an “Application Service Provider” (ASP) of healthcare business management software, has been named as a Microsoft Certified Partner due to its proven competence on the latest Microsoft technologies. Membership in the Microsoft Certified Partner Program will provide Avalanche Technology, LLC. with resources to help it develop and deploy robust Microsoft solutions that will help speed new services time to market and reduce costs.

 “Avalanche Technology, LLC. is extremely pleased with our new status as a Microsoft Certified Partner,” said Wyatt Hendricks, CEO of Avalanche Technology, LLC.. “Being a member of the program gives us early access to product information, so that when our clients are ready to take advantage of the latest Microsoft technology solution we already have the experience we need. In addition, enhancements such as the new peer-networking opportunities will allow us to expand the types of information technology solutions and services we can offer our clients.”

The Microsoft Certified Partner Program allows Avalanche Technology, LLC. to utilize the Microsoft Certified Partner logo, which is an easy way for customers to recognize Avalanche Technology, LLC. as certified by Microsoft Corp. Microsoft offers a variety of resources to program members, including training, technical support, early access to Microsoft products and peer-networking opportunities that allow a variety of partners to come together and provide end-to-end customer solutions.

“When customers are looking to implement a Microsoft technology solution for their business, their best bet is to turn to an expert—a Microsoft Certified Partner,” said Rosa Garcia, general manager of the Partner Programs Group at Microsoft. “Microsoft provides its Certified Partners with in-depth access to existing and emerging Microsoft technologies and related training and resources to help ensure that they have the technical intimacy needed to deliver quality solutions. Today, Microsoft recognizes Avalanche Technology, LLC. for demonstrating this level of expertise and welcomes it as a new Microsoft Certified Partner.”


Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida Avalanche Technology, LLC. is a developing leader in the HealthCare Information Technology Segment and operates a data center in Tallahassee. The firm is an Application Service Provider (ASP) of HealthCare business management software and provides healthcare compliance and information technology consulting services nationwide. Avalanche Technology is an independent limited liability corporation that is a member of the Microsoft Certified Partner program and maintains strategic partnerships with Health Information Systems of Wallingford, Connecticut and MEDiSYN Systems of Tallahassee, FL.