What is an ASP? 

An Application Service Provider (ASP) provides applications (software), and the technology infrastructure and support services to deliver them to customers on a subscription basis. Typically, the applications and data are hosted on servers at a remote data center and the client workstations connect to the data center via the internet using a standard PC or an inexpensive thin client device.

Avalanche Technology's ASP operations are vertically focused on providing high performance proven information technology solutions to the healthcare industry. The primary data center is located in Tallahassee, Florida and incorporates technological "best practices" to protect data and ensure availability.

Our Management Team has an extensive background in HealthCare Information Management and Operations. The ASP industry is expected to grow into an $11 billion market by 2003. Many technology companies are slapping the "ASP" label on their doors and opening for business.  HealthCare entities must deal with a myriad of government regulations and have special compliance requirements for privacy, reliability and security of their data. Avalanche Technology is aware of these issues and has incorporated them into our operations and procedures.


Is ASP a Solution for me?

There are a number of issues that entities should consider to see if an ASP solution is a good fit.

A good starting point is to assess your current system and calculate your current "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) for your existing system. Calculating TCO 

Other decision elements include:


ASP Advantages: